Peter's Notices - 23rd August 2020

Dear All,

Video Service

See Online Services for links to our Video Services

Holy Communion in Church –Sunday 23 August 10am

With a small group from our choir! – though sadly the congregation is still not allowed to sing.

We ask everyone else to wear a mask unless exempted for medical reasons etc. We have some spare masks available for anyone who needs one.

Whoever is leading the service does not have to wear a mask or visor, apart from when they are giving out the bread, and those who are reading can take their masks off to read.

We will keep doing the online services, as it is still not recommended for people in the shielding category to come, and we know others will be cautious. Any thoughts etc., please let me know.

All our Video Services and Daily Prayer can be found at:

Coffee after the service:

We invite you to “virtual” after (or before??) service refreshments, by clicking on the link below at 11am or afterwards up to about 11.40. Please bring you own coffee or …?

Meeting ID: 968 7046 3011 Passcode: 8VAr3d (but we don’t think you need these – clicking on the link should be enough)


Acts 16:16-40, Matthew 5:38-48

Collect for the Eleventh Sunday after Trinity

God of glory, the end of our searching,
help us to lay aside all that prevents us from seeking your kingdom,
and to give all that we have to gain the pearl beyond all price,
through our Saviour Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Rob Aldread on Radio Sheffield:

Rob will be interviewed live on Radio Sheffield this Sunday morning about 7.15am concerning our choirs and coming out of lockdown.

Update on our finances and different ways to give:

We have produced a leaflet, to go with these notices, giving an update on our finances and different ways to give. I hope it is helpful, and thank you for all your generosity. Any questions, please ask Peter.


For your prayers:  Joscelyn Joseph Campbell: Tuesday 1 September 11am in Church

Opening the Church for Private Prayer and for Funerals

We will be opening the church for private prayer on Wednesdays 9.30am to 4pm and Sundays, 11.30am to 4pm.

Christian Aid Lent Boxes

As the lockdown is not going to be completely lifted for some time, please return your Christian Aid lent Boxes to church, the Parish office or directly to me. Thanks. Derek Millington

New Daylight Bible Reading Notes

Copies of these notes will be in church, free to take away (but please only touch them if you are taking it away). If anyone wants one delivered please ask Peter or the office.

with our love and prayer,   


Finances update and different ways to give to the church.