Sunday February 7th 2021 - Second Sunday before Lent

Notices for Sunday February 7th 2021

Second Sunday before Lent

Services online

Given the rising case numbers, and the message to stay at home, unless there is urgent need go go out, we have decided to stop having services in church that are open to visitors. We will continue having the 10am service for you to watch on the internet. Please remember, and perhaps be in contact with, those who can’t access them.

You can watch the videos for all the churches when they “premier”, or later for your convenience by clicking on this link:
From this link you can also find Paul Mellar’s / St Andrew’s service, Joel and his family’s “Church at Home” and Ian Webb’s Covid Island Discs.

Non-Internet Service

Paul Mellars has also produced a church at home leaflet, with a basic service to follow, especially for those who don’t have the internet, but is also appreciated by many. It hopefully will come with the notices each week.

Prayers on-line are available each day.

Church open for private prayer

The church will be open for private prayer Wednesdays 9.30am to 4 pm and Sundays 11.30 to 4pm

Coffee after the Sunday services – 11am by Zoom:
We invite you to “virtual” after (or before??) service refreshments.

Readings and Collect

Colossians 1. 15-20
John 1.1-14

Almighty God,
you have created the heavens and the earth
and made us in your own image:
teach us to discern your hand in all your works
and your likeness in all your children;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who with you and the Holy Spirit reigns supreme over all things,
now and for ever.

Please remember in your prayers: Olga who is now home from hospital following a heart attack and Marion Giles

News: As we can’t meet together as we used to do, do you have any news to share? Please send items to the office by 9am on Thursdays

Big Garden Birdwatch:

In one hour Peter and Candy saw: 1 Robin, 1 Magpie, 2 Blackbirds, 2 Dunnocks, 2 Wood Pigeons, 2 Blue Tits, 1 Great Tit, 2 Greenfinches, 3 Gold Finches, 2 Nut Hatches and 8 Jackdaws.

Did anyone else take part?


LENT – Starting 17 February:

National Church “Big Read”

For Lent this year we are planning
to join in with "The Big Church Read" looking at "Singing in Babylon" - a book that looks at stories of Daniel and how we can respond and thrive when we don't get what we want - Daniel was in exile, we are in lockdown... We will have "zoom" groups so we can share what we think, or you can just read it by yourself. If you want to join in, we can order books at £7.99 each, but we need to know how many so please let the Parish Office know ASAP - by Tuesday 9th at the latest.


Ash Wednesday Service, 17 February:
Organised by Paul - details to follow!

Live Lent

Many have enjoyed “Love Life Live lent” resources in past years – we recommend them again – available by Email, or audio versions via an app or smart speaker!:

#LiveLent: God's Story, Our Story - our Lent reflections | The Church of England


Over the years we have supported a wide variety of projects in the poorest countries around the world.This year we are unable to hand out boxes in church but they will be available to anyone who wishes to save loose change during Lent.But I am also asking you to consider giving in a different way as the need is so great.  Many countries are struggling with the pandemic as well as the issues of poverty and so many other problems.  Christian Aid works by supporting local non-governmental organisations who know best what is needed in their area. As Lent lasts 40 days (we do not count Sundays), I am asking you to consider giving a set amount per day to this year’s project.  When we get to Easter it would be great to be able to collect what you have managed to save off of you – either in cash or by cheque.

Thanks for reading this – I do hope you can help in some way. 

For a box contact Derek Millington at 01246 415997.For cheques, please make them out to Churches Together in Dronfield & District where we keep our funds.

Boxes and cheques should be returned to either the church office or Derek after Easter.  Alternatively, if you would like Derek to collect from your home, please do let him know.

Many thanks,
Barry Jex (Chairman of Dronfield & District Christian Aid Committee)
Derek Millington (Parish Church Christian Aid representative)

Can you be a buddy?  -  from Revd Andy Gore, Dronfield Baptist Church

Ed Tomlinson, who is part of the Baptist Church, has for the last year been part of a cancer buddying group. They now have a Facebook page which links people living with cancer to others and to possible buddies. They are keen to share this support resource with as many people as possible who may be willing to be part of such a group. All of the buddying is by telephone and so it is unaffected by the restrictions due to Covid-19. Unfortunately, they are expecting a growth in serious cancers due to delayed diagnosis caused by Covid-19 and so this type of service will be needed even more in the months ahead. If you would like to know more then please give Ed a ring on 07778 322019 who will not only share something of his own experience with this but also help you take the next steps if you so wish.  Thank you.