Notices for Sunday January 31st 2021 - Fourth Sunday of Epiphany

Notices for Sunday January 31st 2021
Fourth Sunday of Epiphany
The Presentation of Christ in the Temple

Services online

Given the rising case numbers, and the message to stay at home, unless there is urgent need go go out, we have decided to stop having services in church that are open to visitors. We will continue having the 10am service for you to watch on the internet. Please remember, and perhaps be in contact with, those who can’t access them.

You can watch the videos for all the churches when they “premier”, or later for your convenience by clicking on this link:

From this link you can also find Paul Mellar’s / St Andrew’s service, Joel and his Family’s “Church at Home” and Ian Webb’s Covid Island Discs.

Non-Internet Service

Paul Mellars has also produced a church at home leaflet, with a basic service to follow, especially for those who don’t have the internet, but is also appreciated by many. Click here for a copy

Daily Prayers on-line are available each day, together with other interesting items like Covid Island Discs!

Church open for private prayer

The church will be open for private prayer Wednesdays 9.30am to 4 pm and Sundays 11.30 to 4pm

Coffee after the Sunday services – 11am by Zoom:
We invite you to “virtual” after (or before??) service refreshments.

Readings and Collect

Luke 2:22-40
Malachi 3.1-5


Lord Jesus Christ,
Light of the nations and glory of Israel:
Make your home along us,
And present us pure and holy
To your heavenly Father,
Your God and our God

Funerals  For your prayers: Denise Gill, Tuesday 2 February, 1pm in Church

Please remember in your prayers: Olga who is now home from hospital following a heart attack and Marion Giles

News: As we can’t meet together as we used to do, do you have any news to share? Please send items to the office by 9am on Thursdays

From Peter – Garden Bird Watch:

In the first lockdown, when the weather was so wonderful, many of us appreciated our surroundings a bit more, enjoying daily exercise and delighting in the wildlife and Spring bulbs. Perhaps after nearly a year of restrictions we are tired, but the wildlife continues to inspire me – perhaps a good time to take part in RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch – what can you see in 1 hour in your garden or local green space?

A snap from our garden this morning:

Can you be a buddy?  -  from Revd Andy Gore, Dronfield Baptist Church

Ed Tomlinson, who is part of the Baptist Church, has for the last year been part of a cancer buddying group. They now have a Facebook page which links people living with cancer to others and to possible buddies. They are keen to share this support resource with as many people as possible who may be willing to be part of such a group. All of the buddying is by telephone and so it is unaffected by the restrictions due to Covid-19. Unfortunately, they are expecting a growth in serious cancers due to delayed diagnosis caused by Covid-19 and so this type of service will be needed even more in the months ahead. If you would like to know more then please give Ed a ring on 07778 322019 who will not only share something of his own experience with this but also help you take the next steps if you so wish.  Thank you.

From Rob Aldread – sent to all the churches:

Notwithstanding all the continued challenges posed by COVID…I would really like to encourage some more working together across ALL of the churches in CTDD. Specifically, I have in mind that I would like to explore forming a CTDD Praise Choir.

I envisage that the Praise Choir would do a mixture of hymns, gospel pieces and worship songs, probably mainly accompanied by a piano, but it would be good to sometimes involve some other instruments too. While we would strive to achieve good musical standards the focus will be on the “heart” of the singing and to support good “worship”. This will not be a choir for choral evensongs and lots of traditional anthems etc….  And then I envisage that the Worship Group would be more of a band with some strong singers on microphones leading the worship with hopefully bass, drums, guitars, keyboards and possibly other instruments too.

Further details can be worked out in the future, but I’m excited by the ideas and the possibilities and I hope many of you will be too. For those of you that do not know me, I’ve been at Dronfield Parish Church for most of the past 21 years…but two years ago I had to take medical early retirement from work which has given me the benefit of more time (and energy) to do more things with music and so I am keen to use a little more of that time to try and help develop music and worship in the area over the next few years…

In the first instance, I am hoping that lots of people will be interested and that you will get in touch with me to introduce yourselves and let me know if / what you might be interested in. Please forward this email on to anyone you think may be interested.