Organ Music

St John's Organ is a good organ originally built in 1909 by Albert Keates and rebuilt with an electric blower in 1931 by Bower & Dunn. It was further partially rebuilt with electropneumatic action by Henry Groves in 1971 and finally completely overhauled and re-built in 1991 by the Johnson Organ Co. of Derby.

At 8pm on the first Wednesday of most months visiting organists perform a varied programme of organ music which show off the organ (and organist's talents!) to good effect and the evenings are rounded off by delicious refreshments. The Programme for the next few months is:(

February 7th

 Non-organ recital by Emily Fox & Friend!

March 7th

Peter Lockwood

April 4th

Adam Parrish

May 2nd

Chris Edge

June 6th


July 4th


Nigel Gotteri 


Derek Grover



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